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AlliantCorps, LLC, is a Joint Venture designed specifically for the GSA Alliant SB Program – our name says it all:  AlliantCorps – a Corps of highly qualified business partners who are aligned in achieving mutual success through the success of the Alliant SB Program.  Our AlliantCorps joint venture partners include:  FEDITC, LLC (lead manager)Conceptual MindWorks Inc.,  Spectrum, COMSO, Double Apex, and X-EETO – all accomplished and capable IT providers and mutually dedicated to Alliant SB success.

AlliantCorps is committed to executing an extensive, ongoing partnering marketing program to reaffirm GSA’s leadership in providing IT services and solutions across the Federal Government.  Our teamed capabilities and multi-tiered management approach will ensure GSA’s reputation for quality and customer service through:  cost effective, high quality performance and delivery of all task order work; effective recruiting and resource management; and a joint venture enterprise with effective total quality management, from task order performance to partner/ subcontractor management and utilization.  Our goal is to be GSA’s premier partner for IT performance excellence.