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U.S. Army Reserve Command (USARC):  Information Assurance Support Services (IASS)

AlliantCorps, with FEDITC in the lead and Spectrum support, provides professional security services for information assurance support to the Army Reserve in accordance with Department of the Army and Army Reserve guidelines.  The Army Reserve Network (ARNet) is a centrally managed unclassified network of over 65,000 work stations and servers and network devices.  The ARNet supports approximately 65,000 full time users (military, civilian, and Contractors) and 205,000 total Army Reserve personnel. ARNet is centrally managed from Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  The Army Reserve currently has approximately 1020 NIPR sites geographically dispersed throughout CONUS and OCONUS locations.

U.S. Air Force:  Air Education and Training Command (AETC), Military Training Instructor (MTI) Corps Mobile Application

AlliantCorps, with FEDITC in the lead and in close consultation with the customer, designed and developed a mobile application that works on iOS, Android, and RIM mobile devices (iOS 4.1, Android 2.2, RIM 4.5 minimum).  This application is now used by all active duty, Guard and Reserve Senior Airmen, Staff Sergeants and Technical Sergeants.  The application contains static content that centers on the MTI Corps mission, eligibility requirements, application process, life as a MTI, the MTI school and shadow program.  Additionally, AlliantCorps developed a video highlighting the content/ navigation of the application that is used for marketing purposes by the MTI Corps.  

U.S. Army:  U.S. Army Medical Information Technology Center (USAMITC), Forensic Toxicology Drug Testing Laboratory – Information Management System (FTDTL IMS)

AlliantCorps, with FEDITC as Technical Lead and KGS as a subcontractor, provides expertise to support this DoD-wide program that requires 100% reliability and accuracy, while providing automation support to meet the entire work place drug testing requirements of the DoD.  As a joint service program requiring an integrated teamwork approach, AlliantCorps’ customers include the Air Force, Navy and Army organizations, as well as some civilian federal agencies.   

AlliantCorps provides Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Activities and Help Desk support for all three automation systems used by the DoD drug testing program: 

  • FTDTL-IMS – which is used to support the automation needs of each of the six DoD drug testing laboratories
  • DTP-CCS – which is used by ~30,000 collection sites worldwide to enforce and conduct random drug testing
  • The Drug Testing Web Portal, which is a highly secure web-based system used for the secure transfer of drug testing results from the labs to the field with a current user base of over 7,000 users.